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Provide a two lane bicycle path along the existing railroad right of way from Loop 1604 near the I 10 Park and Ride lot into the downtown area. This is approximately 15 miles. 0

11:09pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? The railroad right of way from 1604 near the IH 10 park and ride to downtown.

By Michael Carter

TPR and other media join with SA Parks and Rec, American Red Cross,school districts donor corporations, volunteers to launch a WELL-PUBLICIZED, very low cost LEARN TO SWIM campaign. VALUE swimming! 0

6:22pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? South-West-East Side San Antonio

By Linda Wilson

SW-side of Madison Park: Under LQC, set irrigation, soil bed, & fenced enclosure within space defined by park’s walking track. Condo & apt residents already committed to provide the labor. 8

3:41pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? "Madison Square Gardens" - urban garden at Madison Park

By Rafa Baca

Create a new public square. Provide cover from the sun & its perfect as a local market, block party site (street is never busy) or just as a great place for lively, community-based activities for all 0

12:37pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? Corner of Roy Smith and Broadway to 10th and Broadway

By Carmen Iglesias

Create a culture canopy over the parking lot next to the Guadalupe Center. Under the canopy there would be plants/ benches and places for neighbors to enjoy the shade and the programs of the GCAC. 0

5:43pm Jun 15, 2012

Where? The Guadalupe Corridor. The corner of Brazos Street between Guadalupe and El Paso Street.

By Peter Shugart Ortiz

Public spaces used for monthly performances by youth interested in pursuing music or careers in the arts.Combine with Tues. evening free parking for families and locals to come and support their kids. 0

4:32pm Jun 15, 2012

Where? All of Downtown

By Barbara James

Picnic tables and exercise equipment similar to chin up bars. Something equipment that is sturdy and not very expensive. 0

3:12pm Jun 15, 2012

Where? Any available unused space.

Add a dog park! 0

9:32am Jun 15, 2012

Where? Medical Center

This under-utilized city icon should be used to serve as a public land (and water)to the residents and visitors of San Antonio. I propose the area of the land and water to be used as a city pool/park. 0

1:49am Jun 15, 2012

Where? SA River adjacent to Blue Star Complex and lower areas

By Armando Santos

This is an empty lot that could be put to used by turning it into a community garden, specially now that kids are out of school. But people involved can be of any age, physical work is minimal. 0

5:53pm Jun 14, 2012


By Javier Ramos-Garcia

Summer nutrition program desperately needed at the San Pedro Park pool. 0

3:41pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? San Pedro Springs Park

By Leanne Ball

The addition of one B-cycle station downtown, with approximately 10 bikes, to the bike share system, providing a healthy alternative means of transportation, all for a small price. 0

3:06pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? Downtown San Antonio (exact location would be located with all relevant parties)

By Katherine Gainey

Dual community park and garden. Have paths, seating, and water fountain among several raised and ground level vegetable and fruit beds. 0

2:56pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? Corner of Eisenhauer and Harlow

By Katherine

1. More green space, trees for shade, cafe style, shopping and small outdoor theater.2. Trees, nicer outdoor tables, increase gardens space. 0

12:55pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? 1. San Fernando Square 2. Blue Star

By Frank & Jean Montalvo

I would like to see a Dog Park there. 0

10:57am Jun 13, 2012

Where? The park in Lavaca at Florida, Labor and Carolina

By Terence Peak

We need to improve transportation for our elderly, they have mobility challenges. More buses, possibly a train system...I would also like to see the city encourage community gardens in vacant space. 0

10:29am Jun 13, 2012

Where? All of San Antonio

By Teresa BAnda

Better Streetscapes, shade trees, plants & herbs. A Community Garden with vegetables and plants. More bike lanes, shaded bus stops. 0

10:22am Jun 13, 2012

Where? East Village Subdivision

By Patricia Garza