Submitted by: derek marc in Sunny Slope11:59pm Jun 19 2011

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Downtown, River North, Southtown, King William, SoFlo, Easttown, Cattleman Square, Tobin Hill, The Pearl District, Midtown Broadway

My idea to improve this place

Improved branding of our urban core districts and neighborhoods. Downtown River North Southtown King William SoFlo Easttown Cattleman Square Tobin Hill The Pearl District Midtown Broadway

So that people could... 

identify these neighborhoods and know where they are and understand what they provide to our city. Whether it's downtown or the artsy Southtown district or the historic King William or the gay neighborhood in Tobin Hill or the burgeoning Pearl District and the future dense urban district, River North.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

San Antonio needs to better brand its urban core districts and neighborhoods so they are better identified by locals and everyone else. I want the urban core to be one the best examples of urban density it can be. I want people to come to San Antonio, to the urban core and know about Southtown, SoFlo, Tobin Hill, River North, Easttown, etc. Within the Central Loop: Downtown Southtown River North King William Lavaca SoFlo Within the near east: Easttown Within the near west: Cattleman Square Within Midtown: Tobin Hill The Pearl District Midtown Broadway Branding includes logos, slogans, name recognition, etc. The better these neighborhoods and districts are branded the more locals and tourists know. Would a local know that Southtown is a arts district? Would they know Tobin Hill has a growing gay neighborhood in it? Would they know about Easttown? Etc? Another thing that would serve these urban core districts and neighborhoods would be improved streetscapes. A city-wide bond initiative focusing on streets-apes city wide but especially in the urban core is needed.



bill (Jun 21 2011)
Would Alta Vista and San Pedro Park get short shrift? San Pedro Park could use a rebranding as well.
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Alanna (Jun 22 2011)
I think Beacon Hill/Alta Vista/Five Points need to also be considered here. They are midtown neighborhoods that often get ignored.
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derek (Jun 23 2011)
yes, I'd include all those but since this site is based around the number "10", I wanted to keep it at 10. I'd include, Lavaca, Dignowity Hill, Five Points, Monte Vista, Beacon Hill, Alta Vista, etc without a question.
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