Submitted by: Anonymous 11:00am Jun 19 2011

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My idea to improve this place

have a area for bars, and clubs like 6th st in austin that have live music entertainment

So that people could... 

enjoy the night life

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a place for locals to enjoy downtown as well (flickr photo by Visualist Images )



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To have more development or incentives for businesses to take up all the empty buildings.

10:14am Jul 01, 2011

Broadway From Travis to I35, 0.01 Kms

To not be afraid of height when it comes to buildings.

6:16pm Jun 17, 2011

All of Downtown San Antonio, 0.13 Kms

Bikepaths up thru the city along the Rail lines & creekbeds (beautiful areas) out to the 1604 quarry area. They are flood zones, so it would have to be maybe Bermuda 419 drought tolerant no-mow grass.

11:44pm Aug 15, 2011

the greenways along the railways and streambeds crossing dezavala wurzbach, dreamland, 410 and going downtown hooking up to the "Reach", 0.14 Kms