Submitted by: Sandra Lomas in Alamo Ranch10:49pm Jun 18 2011

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Near Rivercenter mall and all of downtown.

My idea to improve this place

Keep people from loitering and blocking the sidewalk and store fronts. Keep the sidewalks and store fronts clean and inviting, including Rivercenter parking garage.

So that people could... 

walk by, shop, and feel safe. SInce that area is centrally located to other spots on the river, and many people park at Rivercenter to get to different destinations, this is a spot that makes an impression on people-positive or negative.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A safe place for everyone to enjoy and want to come back. I do not always feel safe, especially late at night after a show or dinner. I shouldn't feel afraid in the city I have grown up in. Dallas is clean, open, and inviting. It is "geen" and pet friendly. Other cities across the country have clean and maintained public restrooms that you pay for, but it's worth it. (flickr photo by J Jackson Photography )



Mark (Jun 19 2011)
My idea too! Very important - no loitering by troublemakers with no reason to be dowtown. Clean, well-lit streets. Lighting at night important - so people will like to walk around and see some night life and go to different restaurants and events that can ONLY be seen downtown.
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Augie (Aug 13 2011)
I agree! I think the awful, ugly River Center garage is an unappealing eyesore and the old Dillard's has been left to embarrass our city long enough! I won't pretend to understand the legalities of the situation and don't know what the city can do, but maybe it needs to condemn that corner, take it over, and do something about it!
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