Submitted by: Augie Ray in Downtown San Antonio11:17am Jun 18 2011

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Corner of Alamo and Nueva

My idea to improve this place

Provide some safe, welcoming parking options near La Villita and HemisFair Park. Both are gems in our city that are underutilized because SA residents cannot easily access them.

So that people could... 

San Antonio residents must be able to easily access different areas of downtown. While La Villita is only three blocks from Commerce St. parking garages, I find locals have the perception there is no parking around La Villita and HemisFair park. They're half right--there is no easy and affordable parking adjacent to these two San Antonio gems. Street park is impossible (I think La Villita has just street five parking spots within two blocks!) and the lots in the area are pricey. The city can increase visits and improve the economic options for small business operating in La Villita and HemisFair by making parking safer, easier and more plentiful.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

I want downtown to be a draw for those around the city. I live in downtown, and I am appalled at how many residents of the city NEVER visit the downtown (except during Fiesta). The perception seems to be that parking is impossible and recreational opportunities are all crass and touristy. Both of these perceptions are (largely) incorrect, although people wanting to park near HemisFair and La Villita can be excused for feeling that's a tough task. (flickr photo by BornCreative )



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