Submitted by: Augie Ray in Downtown San Antonio11:07am Jun 18 2011

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Houston and Commerce Streets, between Alamo Plaza and the River (or perhaps even as far west as Santa Rosa)

My idea to improve this place

Create a special tax district for Houston Commerce Sts to encourage small businesses--particularly retail and restaurants--to open. Our street level needs a portion of the energy found on the river.

So that people could... 

Downtown needs more jobs, more street-level commerce providing shopping, dining and nightlife options for both residents and visitors. The river walk is great, but successful and healthy commerce on downtown's street level is dispersed and hard to find. A district of small boutiques, shops, restaurants and other small business on Houston and Commerce would encourage more pedestrian traffic on the street, more San Antonions to visit downtown and more residential development in our downtown.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

An exciting, livable, vibrant 21st Century city. The impression the downtown gives today is that we're only about the river walk, conventions, Alamo and tourist traps. We need more jobs, more retail, more recreational options and more urban living alternatives to become the city I sense we want to be.


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