Submitted by: Mardi Anderson 9:58am Jun 18 2011

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Riverwalk and riverwalk expansion to Broadway.

My idea to improve this place

The river taxis should be available as an alternate mode of transportation for the citizens of San Antonio.

So that people could... 

Commute to and from work, shop and eat downtown. Right now the taxis are geared towards tourists. Given San Antonio's climate, with the proper marketing, picing and scheduling the river taxis could be a viable alternate mode of transportation to and from work downtown, for shopping and for dining (perhaps in partnership with VIA).

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Enjoyed by the citizens of San Antonio as well as the tourist. (flickr photo by eschipul)



Chris T. (Jun 18 2011)
This is a wonderful idea. We need alternative transportation. With lack of parking, and during summer heat its not the easiest thing to walk from place to place.
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bsp (Jun 18 2011)
I would like to see a discounted rate for locals who want to explore the river by river taxi. It currently costs $10 per person to ride the (short) museum stretch- which is very expensive for a family of 5- and $25 per person for the complete river circuit.
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COG (Jun 20 2011)
Agree! The pricing is way out of the market to even be considered usable by locals when a taxi is less than $5 and can be shared by up to 4 people. Especially with the increase in local traffic from "River North" and the Pearl, this should be a transport option -- and have a reasonable price. I couldn't agree more!
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KMB (Jun 20 2011)
Great idea! B-Cycle is already utilized by locals and provides an alternative mode of transportation throughout greater downtown. Offering a monthly or even annual pass for the Rio Taxi would be a cost efficient way to engage locals. As someone who works downtown, I would absolutely use it if the service utilized a schedule, was reliable, and offered a membership price rather than daily pass. The Rio Taxi has great potential for those who work and live downtown.
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Malik SAT (Jul 6 2011)
Yes ,river taxis are a great idea. Right now they do offer rides on river barges, but these boats are too large and slow. they should use smaller boats that carry up to four people that can move faster and go further up and down the river and charge a fee.
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Mary R (Oct 5 2011)
I totally agree--I have said this since the day the Museum Reach opened. We live near the Pearl and would love to be able to use the river taxi when we want to go to the city center but don't want to ride our bikes (never mind driving and parking), but the fares are too high. Lower fares=higher ridership. For downtown to be vibrant, it must appeal to and cater to locals as well as tourists.
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