Submitted by: Dre Pendarvis 7:41am Jun 18 2011

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Hemisphere Park

My idea to improve this place

Re-develope Hemisphere into an actual park

So that people could... 

Could actually jog/walk around a park.... also bring there pets. A major city have park downtown. San Antonio has Hemisphere Park that is pretty much occupied with buildings.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a place for the locals will actually WANT to go.... the City of San Antonio has catered to visitors for too long. But what happens when there are no visitors, the locals are the ones supporting the restaurants, hotels, clothing stores, & etc.... Im orgnially from OKC, but relocated here in 1992 with my mom's job... Sad to say, but OKC has taken those old building and has made a great downtown environment...its better the San Antonio!


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