Submitted by: Christopher Norman in North Central11:54pm Jun 17 2011

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Highways 35, 37, 410, Hwy 90

My idea to improve this place

Offer property owners bordering highways tax incentives to plant and maintain decorative trees. Trees provide shade, cool the area, and deprive taggers of their favorite wide open canvases

So that people could... 

visit SA and remember park like settings with trees and natural vistas instead of industrial blight, concrete warehouses and graffiti (think the best parts of 281--but all around town).

Because I want San Antonio to be...

as beautiful as it is historic--filled with shady, tree lined avenues, with feeder corridors that are also beautiful. Tourists come here and they primarily see their hotels, the highways, the attractions, and downtown. People who have a pleasant visit are more likely to come back--and spend more


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