Submitted by: Anonymous 10:17pm Jun 17 2011

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Throughout downtown area

My idea to improve this place

We need more small, locally owned businesses that showcase local products and local artists. Right now downtown feels like it exclusively for tourists. Also, improve our mass transit!

So that people could... 

go downtown to see theater and music performances, go to coffee shops, and buy local products. It's difficult to imagine living downtown now because there isn't much to do apart from the touristy stuff.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

viable. When I was a kid we shopped downtown, went to the doctor downtown, went to the post office there, etc.


Debbie (Sep 8 2011)
I would also like to see more service businesses downtown. I recently moved downtown but find myself driving away from downtown a lot for services like a state auto inspection station, veterinarian, tailor, haircut, post office, passport photo...
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