Submitted by: Jesse Canedo in Mockingbird Hill5:26pm Jun 17 2011

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Alamo Plaza

My idea to improve this place

Get rid of the tacky souvenir shops in Alamo Plaza. They do a disservice to the Alamo and our Texan heritage. Replace them with LOCAL restaurants and cafes with ourdoor seating.

So that people could... 

enjoy the plaza in a more respectful and less touristy way.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a place that respects our collective heritage and not a disney resort.


Augie (Jun 18 2011)
I doubt there is a legal way to get rid of the tacky tourist traps and souvenir shops on Alamo Plaza, but I can't agree with the intent of this idea more! I recently moved to San Antonio and was excited to visit the Alamo, but it was appalling to see what this city has allowed to happen around it. The Emily Morgan, Menger and Hotel Indigo are excellent neighbors, but the rest of the nearby businesses are discouraging--the kind of indistinguishable tourist traps you can find anywhere in the US. The city could make the downtown an even greater draw for San Antonions and others by improving the kind of experiences we offer visitors around Alamo Plaza. (If the tourist traps could be encouraged to relocate to Commerce, Navarro, Crockett or other streets in the center of the Great Bend of the river walk, this would encourage more development there while freeing up Alamo Plaza for far more appropriate businesses, museums and other uses.)
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