Submitted by: Lawson Jessee in Alamo Heights4:29pm Jun 17 2011

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S. Alamo between Houston and Commerce.

My idea to improve this place

Relocate or evict Ripleys, Tomb Raider and all the other tourist traps across from the Alamo. You wouldn't let someone set up a circus act on the Vietnam Memorial, so no reason to decimate our shrine.

So that people could... 

Enjoy the beauty of the Alamo Plaza historical architecture and not be distracted by the corny sideshows going on. Why would someone from San Antonio come downtown to Alamo Plaza ever unless there something for them to do besides hang out with tourists at the was museum. This would be a great location for street cafes, bars and restaurants.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Someplace where San Antonians feel welcome and not like tourists.


Mark (Jun 19 2011)
Ripleys is outdated. Booooring! Open the whole square to climate controlled outdoor covered event/cafe area. With soft live music and events all the time. Waterfountains throughout. Fill in tourist traps with restaurants of medium priced sophisticated dining. Bring in some neon or colorful lighting.
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