Submitted by: Valerie Velez 1:14am Jun 18 2012

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Leon Valley Greenway or any greenway

My idea to improve this place

Outdoor exercise areas. I recently visted South Korea, and throughout their cities they had small gyms with exercise equipment. It would be nice to go off a trail to exercise and then continue on.
Christine (Jul 5 2012)
Outdoor exercise gyms are a great thing! I am currently living in South Korea and outdoor gyms are everywhere. You can always find people utilizing the free workout areas and it shows in their culture. Everyone here is in great shape, the elderly are as agile as the 20 somethings. Outdoor exercise areas in San Antonio would help spread a healthy way of living for everybody.
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Jordon (Jul 25 2012)
Look at this article the New York times did covering this same idea. New York recently just introduced it's first adult playground which is an outdoor exercise park.
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