Submitted by: Lauren Hughes 11:07pm Jun 17 2012

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Corner of Hwy 281 & Evans Road

My idea to improve this place

There is a building that formerly housed an Albertsons & a HEB. a big empty shell . My idea is to stage the windows as art pieces lighting them from within. Speakers will play soundtrack.

So that people could... 

be drawn together by light & sound; be fascinated; be amazed; have an experience together; laugh; be uplifted. This part of the city is Suburbia with a capital S. There are many strip malls, many drugstores, dry cleaners but not so much to inspire or delight. Even when barbecue trucks park here, people gather. There is a wanting for ways to come together.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

an interesting, inspiring, amazing place ~ an environment where good ideas are encouraged & have a chance to take root & grow. Public art, bicycles around downtown, film festivals ~ these are wonderful beginnings. And now it's time to grow the excitement into the suburbs where dead spaces are waiting to be resurrected.



Don Meagher (Jun 19 2012)
In interesting idea!
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Lali (Jun 19 2012)
Great idea!
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