Submitted by: Jane McDaniel 3:38pm Jun 17 2012

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Shannon Lee Street

My idea to improve this place

We dearly need sidewalks in the Shearer Hills area, specifically on Shannon Lee which is often used as a shortcut between San Pedro and McCullough; preference would be a sidewalk on one street side

So that people could... 

walk in safety in the area and to reach the trails in the Olmos Park area.
There is a growing number of children in this area and families who walk with their children in the evenings; a sidewalk would ensure more safety than when using the street itself.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a more family-safe city. Speed bumps would maybe do the job, too.


Veronica Gard (Jun 20 2012)
Great idea. I often drive along Shannon Lee and would be far more likely to walk if there were a safe sidewalk.
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