Submitted by: Doris and Vanne Metzger 2:55pm Jun 17 2012

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triangular area bewteen old valley hi and valley hi drive and ray ellison.

My idea to improve this place

Develop community center/neighborhood garden with emphasis on teaching diy backyard gardening and yard care. Also a run/walk track along perimeter with outdoor 20 station exercise area/play ground

So that people could... 

So that people will have a place to gather to attend classess on gardening and excercise. Could also be for other meetings in a parklike setting. Parents can exercise while children play.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

...healthy and fit. Mr Ray Ellison left this space to benifit the neighborhood and the people who live there but in over 50 years it was never developed.


C. E. Clark (Oct 18 2012)
I would love to help you with this project. Please get back to me as soon as you can.
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C. E. Clark (Oct 18 2012)
my email is
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