Submitted by: Rebecca Sibley 10:30am Jun 17 2012

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Corner of Iowa and Pine Street

My idea to improve this place

A community garden taken care of by local youth, with native plants and fruits and veggies grown, and a shade structure, and space for small scale events to happen.

So that people could... 

Have a beautiful place to gather in a neighborhood that does not have public spaces for young and old people to gather comfortably. It will provide opportunities on multiple fronts: educational experiences about local foods and caring for plants, a resource for healthy foods, safe, well-lit gathering spaces, a reflection of the local culture and history (the Iowa / Pine intersection has a rich history with a non-segregated theatre, pharmacy, and dance hall formerly on its site), and a source of community pride; ultimately, better, small scale and local public space for a neighborhood on the East Side.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A better city, not just for the scale of suburbs (far away + car culture) or downtown (smaller scale, but right now still for large scale events), but at the scale of the neighborhood. It will be one small, well designed and executed, insertion, but with a large impact for the community around it. The community garden can become a catalyst for better things happening in the area. Also, Iowa is a direct connection into downtown, and there is the opportunity for greater visibility to the larger San Antonio community, while being in sync with the larger goals of set by the city of providing better public spaces, and re-investing in the East Side. The San Antonio AIA Associates group is currently working with the Denver Heights Neighborhood Association to put together visualizations of this corner, including the community garden. Our group is interested and very invested in making this garden a reality.



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