Submitted by: Linda Wilson 6:22pm Jun 16 2012

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South-West-East Side San Antonio

My idea to improve this place

TPR and other media join with SA Parks and Rec, American Red Cross,school districts donor corporations, volunteers to launch a WELL-PUBLICIZED, very low cost LEARN TO SWIM campaign. VALUE swimming!

So that people could... 

1. not drown
2. swim correctly, something most SA folks don't now do
3. learn multiple strokes, not just jump off banks and dog paddle
4. get drown-proofed - adults and kids
4. enjoy the pools as swimming families,
4. get fit safely,
5. aspire higher - why can't inner city kids be Olympians, like Josh Davis????
7. learn that water sports are as great as football, basketball, etc.
8. pick up a sport they will have the rest of their lives

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a place where people VALUE knowing how to swim, something they can do all their lives, and especiallly to cut down on drownings! I have a multi-point plan for how this can work. As a retired swim teacher, I know WE CAN do better than we do. Years ago, my town in Northwest US, (population 5400), annually graduated over 350-400 kids thru low cost PUBLIC swim programs. It was THE thing to do as soon as school let out. In SA, only kids with access to private pools learn to swim. The classes at public pools are poorly attended.


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