Submitted by: Carmen Iglesias 12:37pm Jun 16 2012

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Corner of Roy Smith and Broadway to 10th and Broadway

My idea to improve this place

Create a new public square. Provide cover from the sun & its perfect as a local market, block party site (street is never busy) or just as a great place for lively, community-based activities for all

So that people could... 

San Antonians are considered the friendliest people in America for a reason. San Antonio brims with optimism, friendliness, family and it shows. What better way to connect San Antonians to each other and let them do what they do best, than in a community square like the one I propose above.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A mecca for southern Texan/San Antonian hospitality, charm, vitality, community, creativity and diversity. That's what makes this city great and that's what makes the city's cultural identity so unique.



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