Submitted by: Number Two in Downtown3:50pm Jun 17 2011

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All of downtown

My idea to improve this place

No more surface parking lots

So that people could... 

live/work/play in downtown and not just park.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

pedestrian friendly so that people don't have to go long distances of nothing to get somewhere. We need more meaningful destinations. (Flickr photo by Creativity103)



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No more surface parking lots

3:50pm Jun 17, 2011

All of downtown, 0 Kms

The space is currently owned by Frost Bank but it make a great dog park.

10:22am Jun 30, 2011

Green space at corner of W Travis and Main Ave, 0.04 Kms

Need dedicated bikeways along the San Antonio River where pedestrian traffic is heavy and/or bicycles are prohibited, in order to complete the 13-mile river trek.

2:53pm Jun 14, 2011

Particularly through downtown San Antonio and south of downtown to Southtown., 0.06 Kms