Submitted by: Lisa Montoya 6:10pm Jun 15 2012

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The sidewalks between the Guadalupe Theater and El Paso Street.

My idea to improve this place

MEMORY OUTLINE: Create a vertical outline of the once existing storefronts on the perimeter of the lots. Made by local artists, the outline would recall the physical history/memories of our community.

So that people could... 

So that people could remember and imagine. Even if they don’t personally recall, they would have the opportunity to imagine what once existed. Personal stories could be captured by the Guadalupe and made available for the younger generations and San Antonio visitors. Scrims could be attached to the rebar and the collected community stories could be projected to paint a more complete and collaborative picture. Colored lights and audio could also accompany this installation and could change depending on newly collected stories, seasons, holidays, and other special citywide celebrations.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Because I want San Antonio to remain rich in community culture even as it grows with modern technology in infrastructure and construction. Preserving our memories by collaborating with our county residents and documenting them in the environment is an effective way to keep the past alive as we move into the future! And I know the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center would love to be part of this project.



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