Submitted by: Peter Shugart Ortiz 5:43pm Jun 15 2012

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The Guadalupe Corridor. The corner of Brazos Street between Guadalupe and El Paso Street.

My idea to improve this place

Create a culture canopy over the parking lot next to the Guadalupe Center. Under the canopy there would be plants/ benches and places for neighbors to enjoy the shade and the programs of the GCAC.

So that people could... 

So that people could be outside. That way the GCAC could do outdoor programming with the neighborhood all the time and we would feel pride about our neighborhood and think about our future in a new way. Right now its just gravel and rocks. The sun is so hot there that it is hard to feel comfortable when we walk to the Guadalupe. Please help us get more shade.

How would we create the shade?: The community could come and hang paper/plastic birds or some kind of object were we can share our stories and show our creative identity. All of them would be hung from the canopy to create shade. The GCAC could do workshops for kids in the neighborhood under the “culture canopy” We could plant grape vines and eventually the objects could be replaced with real greenery and look beautiful for our neighborhood.

When the GCAC needs to use the parking lot for their programs at the theater-- that is ok, since it will keep the cars cool too!

Because I want San Antonio to be...

I want San Antonio to have more shade, particularly on the West side. We don’t have a lot of money to buy trees and create beautiful canopies like other neighborhoods. I think it is a few degrees cooler in those neighborhood streets because of the trees. Lets create canopies and show how much it would keep us cool in our neighborhood. We would save electricity and not use air conditioners and we would start hanging out in the parks instead of watching TV.



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