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all streets in downtown and routes from airport to downtown, to begin with

My idea to improve this place

We could have a HUGE SHADE TREE PLANTING effort sponsored by city council and administered by local master gardeners to beautify and cool. LA had a Million Tree project (not including palm trees).

So that people could... 

learn about the many faceted benefits of trees, especially the temperature lowering benefits and beautification. Beautiful cities around the world have huge trees which instantly beautify!

Because I want San Antonio to be...

more beautiful, cooler, and welcoming for sitting under shade trees at parks, bus stops, tourists sites. I want all citizens to be encouraged to join in the effort because we are all in this together!


Lissa Martinez (Jun 25 2012)
We have already started this effort. City forester led staff and volunteers in planting 10k trees last year. Come join us, tree planting is a good workout for good work. LQC could help us run a big tree planting lesson or three and we could improve one place dramatically.
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