Submitted by: Kent Brittain 10:31am Jun 14 2012

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Austin Highway

My idea to improve this place

This road used to be the highway to Austin back in the 60s until IH35 bipassed. Its is a 4 lane + wide shoulders road of asphalt. Change medians/shoulders into landscaped/shaded walking spaces.

So that people could... 

walk/bike to the numerous existing & upcoming shops on Austin Hwy and enjoy their pleasant surroundings and shade relief from the blistering heat. Make it an extension of the beauty that Broadway (Austin Hwy dies into in Alamo Heights) is soon to become in te Broadwat Corridor initiative.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

continue it's strive to become a city of beauty, pleasure and "green" initiatives. Its planting of thousands of trees across town shows me that the City of San Antonio is capable of this project here and of many large/widely used streets of asphalt desert.



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