Submitted by: Leslie Provence 1:05am Jun 14 2012

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Site of the former Bentwood Place Apartments and two motels that were demolished

My idea to improve this place

Acquire the land from the stalled development project and create a multi-purpose demonstration farm and restored prairie run by disabled veterans, as an urban farm incubator and education center.

So that people could... 

heal by tending a garden, learn the history of the Blackland Prairie, grow new farmers (which we desperately need), learn to farm in urban spaces, regain a sense of community, and have green space on Austin Highway, tied in with the Fort Sam entryway improvement project.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a vibrant place of community and caring where locals know and support our wounded warriors and where everyone has healthy food, good work to do, and a relationship with the soil.


Rob (Jun 16 2012)
Awesome idea! That would be great for Austin HWY!
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MeJa (Jul 13 2012)
I LOVE these ideas!!
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