Submitted by: Linda Walton 12:13am Jun 14 2012

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Lion's Field and Breckenridge Park

My idea to improve this place

Build a free shaded swimming pool for neighborhood.

So that people could... 

bring their families for exercise; provide activities for children; and, provide a place for seniors to keep limber.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

More family and elder friendly.


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Build a free shaded swimming pool for neighborhood.

12:13am Jun 14, 2012

Lion's Field and Breckenridge Park, 0 Kms

20 families in Midtown West (Alta Vista and Beacon Hill neighborhoods)gather once a month to community build. We would like to see Breeden St or N.Flores Ave transform into strong pede/bike zones.

5:44pm Jun 17, 2012

Alta Vista's Breeden St. (or Flores Ave.) as as community portals to San Pedro Springs Park. Breeden St. has very little car traffic and would ideal for inexpensive pedestrian/biking infrastructure., 1.09 Kms

Create a neighborhood garden by running water lines.

7:25am Jun 13, 2012

Land fronting the railroad tracks between French and Woodlawn east of Ripley, 1.1 Kms