Submitted by: Annalisa Peace 6:32pm Jun 13 2012

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Broadway from Jones to Austin Highway

My idea to improve this place

Narrow the roadway from 6 to 4 lanes of traffic in each direction and converting the outerlanes on each side to bus and bike only.

So that people could... 

Ride bikes safely on Broadway. Pedestrians on the sidewalk would also feel safer without cars whizzing by in the outer lanes, and would have an easier time crossing the street.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A place where I can ride my bike to the nearest grocery store without taking my life in my hands. And, a place where people, especially people with children and pets, feel safer walking along Broadway.


John (Aug 29 2012)
Making Broadway from UIW up to the Elementary School/Local Coffee Area is a great idea! My only amendment to the proposed idea above would be to also increase the sidewalk widths on either side of the street to animate the pedestrian experience and encourage residents to walk more. I would remove two lanes of traffic, as proposed above, and transform that space into: One Bike lane and Two deep sidewalks, with the deeper of the two on the bike lane side (it is also crucial to include street trees and enough space for restaurants and retail to spill out). The trees and bike lane provide a visual "buffer" between the traffic and the pedestrians, which encourages the desired use. All the pieces are there...let's make it happen!
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