Submitted by: Leanne Ball 3:41pm Jun 13 2012

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San Pedro Springs Park

My idea to improve this place

Summer nutrition program desperately needed at the San Pedro Park pool.

So that people could... 

The pool hours need to be changed to allow some early morning swimming times and year round availability. Swim lessons should be expanded. Vendors should be allowed in the park.
The pool should be open year-round. If classes were taught year-round, they would be full every session. The summer sessions are limited and fill up every time.

The pool could easily be open an hour earlier, during staff time, for senior citizens, aerobics and lap swim.

The staff needs to swim laps every hour on the fifteen minute break.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Lighter. The pool is bordered by neighborhood housing for the elderly and SAC. Swimming lessons and exercise classes could be championed here. WIC classes would be well attended. Quicker. The pool already has a LARGE number of low-income residents, many of whom are children who walk and stay all day. They eat from the corner store and often become dehydrated and exhausted. Where ever the neighborhood free lunch program is... It should be at the park. Cheaper. San Antonio spent a lot of money on the pool/lake and it can be a main tourist attraction, if it had a concession stand.


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