Submitted by: Katherine Gainey 3:06pm Jun 13 2012

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Downtown San Antonio (exact location would be located with all relevant parties)

My idea to improve this place

The addition of one B-cycle station downtown, with approximately 10 bikes, to the bike share system, providing a healthy alternative means of transportation, all for a small price.

So that people could... 

Have greater accessibility to the bike share system with an increased number of stations and bikes available to the public. The greater the number of stations, the greater connectivity of the system to provide more bikes to San Antonians. Getting people out of cars and on their bikes will enliven our citizens, streets and neighborhoods. Widespread community investment in bike sharing will inspire conversation about the system, increase use of personal bicycles, and establish a sense of community pride that will help promote use. It will also establish a community of citizens who create an energy and vitality unique to San Antonio, while providing a different perspective as to what a great quality of life can look like. The addition of bike share stations downtown will not only provide economic benefits to the surrounding community, but also improve the overall well-being of the residents. We want to provide citizens and tourists the ability to maximize the environmental, economic, cultural, and social benefits of bicycling.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

One of the nation’s healthiest, most livable cities. The positive effects of bike sharing help transform a city and its residents. By increasing the number of bikes on San Antonio roads, the program will provide innumerous health benefits to San Antonio residents; not to mention, the environmental benefits the city will reap, as well. San Antonio is well positioned to become a more bike-friendly city. It is a priority to set in motion the cultural and infrastructural changes necessary to increase bicycle mode share of all trips in San Antonio and create a significant impact in the health and wellness of San Antonians. A commitment to quality of life initiatives for our resident population and environment through a sustainable mode of transportation will make San Antonio one of the most livable AND desirable cities in the country.



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