Submitted by: Anonymous 11:18pm Jun 12 2012

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Olmos dam basin

My idea to improve this place

Create a paved bike/walking trail through the basin area and improve the park on Devine road.

So that people could... 

Gather and get outdoors to exercise.

Because I want San Antonio to be...



Lissa Martinez (Jun 25 2012)
Pedestrians and bicycle riders need a safe way to enter the Olmos Basin Park from both the north (Basse Rd.) and the south (Olmos Dr.) - right now you take your life in your hands in the driving lane. hundreds of players come into the basin for games, so there is lots of car traffic and the combination is not good. I'd like to use the existing rights of way created by CPS Energy and SAWS that have fallen into terrible disrepair. Those rights of way are on the west side of Jones Maltsberger and rarely get wet, compared to the routes that go closer to the creek and frequently get submerged. If we could get CPS energy or SAWS to cooperate here, we could do a LQC trial of an unpaved trail that would be much much safer that the on the road route that is the only option now. I think more riders and runner would use this are is it is safer, and better lit at night.
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