Submitted by: Beth Graham 6:46pm Jun 12 2012

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Haskin Park, Northwood/Oak Park neighborhood

My idea to improve this place

Create a dog park in the back half of this small park. There is a large tree that could provide shade; all that would be necessary is pine mulch, fencing, and plumbing for water fountains.

So that people could... 

Use this under-utilized park (at least I never see anybody in it) and give their dogs some recreation without having to use gasoline to drive to either McAllister Park or the Madison Square dog park downtown.

Having a dog park nearby would also encourage people to walk their dogs to it instead of driving, thereby giving dog owners some exercise too (and helping in a small way to resolve some of the city's health issues.)

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Dog-friendly, people-friendly, health-friendly, and environment-friendly. In fact, I think the idea of providing more, possibly smaller, dog parks all over town should be explored.


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