Submitted by: Pete Araiza 6:13pm Jun 12 2012

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All empty buildings around San Antonio

My idea to improve this place

It would make use of all the empty real estate, and big spaces going to waste. "A Place to Meet"

So that people could... 

Hang out. The city could provide lighting, free Internet, nice areas to sit in, and work. A place for kids to go to and do homework, people can log on and use the Internet. It could be like a library setting, quite, cool, a few donated books and magazines, etc. Maybe some rooms would be available to set up neighborhood meetings. Nothing is needed except tables and chairs. You could scan your license to get it, fort security.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a place where kids especially can have a place to hang out, help each other, do homework, crack ideas, etc. And, make use of empty buildings.


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