Submitted by: Jason Winn 10:52am Jun 12 2012

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Along N. St Mary's or McCullough between Locust and Woodlawn, will work elsewhere too!

My idea to improve this place

Many shops have nose-in parking and no sidewalk. We’ll use Hasher Markings to stripe all that parking to be 45 angle back-in parking. We’ll install concrete planters wheelstops with adapted plants.

So that people could... 

Be safer and enjoy walking in a more attractive neighborhood. Back-in parking is safer for motorists getting back on the road. These streets are scary for pedestrians because they don’t have their own space (sidewalk). The planters can double as benches. Cycling will be safer.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Pedestrian friendly and help local shops by encouraging more stroll-in customers. Greening the all-brick and concrete facades would greatly add to the quality of the street experience. Our strees are underutilized public space.



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