Submitted by: Anonymous 10:22am Jun 12 2012

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Dignowity Park

My idea to improve this place

activate the spaceplace more seatinghave fireworks watching gatherings

So that people could... 

take advantage of the views from the park

Because I want San Antonio to be...

vibrant active proud fun


Michele Jacob (Jul 16 2012)
It would be a great addition to a neighborhood in need of revitalization and promote the use of the park.
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Fabien (Jul 16 2012)
Would be nice to be able to use the park with A doggy park and seats around,one side could be play ground and doggy park and the other could be a walking trail with seats and benches,better lighting and sculputures,like the lids pace park..
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Heather (Jul 17 2012)
Don't overlook the potential this park has to offer. Situated in a neighborhood that is prime for a breath of new life. I'm not convinced additional seating is what's needed as there's plenty of unused picnic-type accommodations already. On the other hand, fencing off a portion of the park for a doggie park would not only benefit the residents who do in fact use the park as a destination for their daily walks with fido but it would also be a draw for other dog owners who have very limited options in the way of downtown dog parks! And remember, dog parks aren't just for dogs; they are a meeting place for neighbors to come together & share a common bond in loving your pets! Every neighborhood should have a dog park! San Antonio should recognize this need
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Rachel Cywinski (Jul 17 2012)
Dignowity Park is a gem that has been overlooked recently! This would be a great follow-up to the gardening day that Texas Public Radio hosted a couple years ago. I am very concerned about the dog park idea, however, because we all know that there are many stray dogs in our part of town; and there needs to be a comprehensive plan to protect dogs and their owners from dog packs that roam from park to park trying to survive. With many dogs using the shade near the cemeteries, it is almost certain that some of them would be attracted to Dignowity Park if there were other dog activity there. I hope a plan will be developed to ensure safety for all.
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