Submitted by: Georgina Lopez-Rodriguez 1:59am Jun 12 2012

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City Park and/or Public Spaces (Public Library, Museums)

My idea to improve this place

My idea:"ART IN THE PARK" a semi-permanent easel to fit 4 kids on one side,4 on other, with a small canopy above(sun protection)and bench, where kids can draw/paint maybe free wkend classes! Wd Lv It

So that people could... 

Specialy Kids, so they could Draw, paint, sketch in an open environment, maybe can be used to also post notices and more, maybe a city funded art program on weekend or artists who volunteer for art classes ( I would volunteer!) about tapping into local talents! ( I would love 2 design this also!!!!)

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A city that embraces Arts and exposes our children and general public to it and gives our kids a small corner where they can be outside in a park (..downtown pedestrian sidewalks, like your background pic) and get creative( IGO Library and most have nice landscaped open areas also)...GIVE KIDS COLORS AND A SPACE AND THEY WILL DRAW..( I know mine do, I have a 3 and 4 year old!)



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