Submitted by: mike perez 10:07pm Jun 8 2012

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Highway 90 at Steves/Mission

My idea to improve this place

Performance space and Trail head. Connect nearby neighborhoods to the Mission Reach and/or provide a destination by hosting markets or performances at the spacious Hwy90 underpass at Steves/Mission.

So that people could... 

build community beyond the typical community center in poorer neighborhoods. The trail marked in the images included starts at the Underpass and goes up Mission to cross the train tracks. The trails follows the tracks back to the highway, over to Roosevelt and South Presa. This will provide a safe connector to the trailhead. Please use the images included for reference. The images are screen grabs from Google Street View.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Safe for families, friendly and an inviting place for residents who do not venture beyond their immediate community.



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