Submitted by: Sandra Fechner 6:14pm Jun 8 2012

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West half of Arthur Street across from Wheatley Courts on the east side.

My idea to improve this place

3 lots on Arthur:710-small community center/optical clinic (probably above cost limit),714-Pavilion for outdoor community activities,722-raised bed garden with fruit trees, benches; covered seating.

So that people could... 

meet with their children and friends and get to know one another better in a clean, safe place. Both 714/722 are currently vacant & unused. The building at 710 has been vacant for years. We believe this neighborhood would be encouraged by new, pleasant places to gather.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a place of light and joy, a city where people with their children can enjoy being outside with neighbors and friends. We believe that San Antonio is a beautiful city, full of wonders and delightful people, and we hope to remove a spot of blight and replace it with a joyful place of celebration.



Andy (Jun 28 2012)
great project. This would get my vote. This area has long been neglected and needs redevelopment.
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