Submitted by: Kelsey Jack 12:57pm Jun 8 2012

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Downtown, Eastside Location, Hackberry, Dakota Area

My idea to improve this place

Take an empty lot or an existing building on the East Side to make a community space, emphasizing educational programs, music, art and gardening for at-risk youth and the elderly.

So that people could... 

Realize the value of education for at-risk youth and value our elderly. Programs would allow people of all ages to have a friendly, safe and educationally rich environment to turn to. Educational, art, cooking, building and musical programs, etc. would nurture/foster our youth's passions, giving them the ability to turn to their dreams no matter their reality and circumstance. If the lot is big enough, there could be room to start a garden, and space enough for a trailer for different foods, portable music recording studios, etc. Build a kitchen inside to teach culinary arts and cook with the garden fresh food. Have courses that allow a scope of interests. This would utilize the community's strength, passion and interests, all the while bringing youth and elderly together in a safe, fun and educational space. This would be community driven. It could also be a potential place of part-time work for those who want to oversee and take care of the space.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Safe, innovative, educationally rich, supporting and emphasizing the platform of education by valuing dreams and fostering them through various programs.



Nita McCarty (Jun 20 2012)
This is a real solution to touch , encourage, and revitalize San Antonio's Eastside. Helping an area that has suffered due to broken families, crime, and poverty.
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Bill Morgan (Jun 23 2012)
This is a great idea as it could truly foster change through relationship building of different generations and cultures!
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