Submitted by: Chris Lazaro 6:41pm May 30 2012

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Anywhere in Downtown

My idea to improve this place

Create a weekly mobile market of not only food trucks but other vendors in carts and vacant storefronts to include produce, flowers, stationery, pet goods, art supplies, specialty groceries, etc.

So that people could... 

Buy items other than hot food from local vendors in a single, synergistic environment who cannot afford permanent retail space, as well as from permanent retailers in other parts of SA and the region who want to explore selling in Downtown without the long-term commitment. For example, a bike shop could sell helmets to complement the bike share program, or a local clothing retailer could "pop up" in a vacant storefront for a day. The vacant storefronts could also be used for pet vaccine clinics or cooking classes.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A place where people gather to enjoy street life, as well as a place where local businesses and national chains can coexist profitably.


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