Submitted by: Abbey Forney 12:30pm May 23 2012

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Corner of Hamilton Wolfe and Babcock

My idea to improve this place

Could we have a dog park near the Medical Center, perhaps somewhere inside the walking trail that the San Antonio Medical Foundation installed a few years ago.

So that people could... 

All of the people living in apartment in the medical center could have a safe place to exercise their dogs and meet other dog owners.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a healthy city, with free and cheap places for people to gather. And more dog friendly.


Abbey (May 30 2012)
The vacant, shady lot across the Medical Center trailhead on Babcock (at Hamilton Wolfe) might be another appropriate spot for a dog park. The lot is frequently used for illegal dumping and the city has to come clean it often. Converting it to a dog park might be a better use and the clumps of cedar trees would provide shade.
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Craig (Jun 8 2012)
A dog park in the medical center is a great idea; preferably a shaded area.
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