Submitted by: Rachel C ywinski 12:03pm May 21 2012

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site of former fire station at 2903 South New Braunfels Avenue, San Antonio

My idea to improve this place

Skateboarders use the slope of Steves Avenue between Walters and Hackberry every night, all night. Let's give them their own place to exercise and be safe, with ramps, picnic and seating areas!

So that people could... 

enjoy the outdoors and connect fluidly between the two VIA bus routes that stop at this intersection, and a safe place to skateboard.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a safe place for skateboarders; somewhere they can exercise, socialize and be safe; and a safer place for everyone else because the skateboarders see what is happening in the neighborhood when the rest of us are asleep.



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