Submitted by: Vanessa Cervantes 1:29pm May 16 2012

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Any abandoned green space on East, West or Southside or one in each side of town.

My idea to improve this place

Sand volleyball courts, a basketball court and outdoor-proof, weatherproof exercise equipment (chin up bars, parallel bars, sit up benches, etc). Like the medical center track before Spectrum.

So that people could... 

Have a place to go that is free, easy access and visible with good lighting to exercise and organize group sports activities without feeling like they need to be a member of a club or group. People WILL gather, like they do/did in Medical Center.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a place where any part of town has the kinds of nice public spaces the Northside enjoys.


J.J. Nichols (Jun 12 2012)
Such a good idea! So many kids would play basketball at Medical Center. Now I have no idea where they went since Spectrum took over.
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