Submitted by: Anonymous 11:54am May 9 2012

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Parking Lot in front of Howl at the Moon in between Navarro and Presa

My idea to improve this place

Instead of a parking lot, this area should be a central plaza to the Riverwalk. You have so many great places that surround it like easy access to the river and great restaurants/bars all around.

So that people could... 

Interact. Locals and Tourists together. It's the closest centralized location for everything on the river from hotels to restaurants and lounges. You could even have concerts here. You even have residents in several buildings that already surround the area like the Casino Club across the street, the Majestic and the Maverick as well as others close by.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Vibrant and interactive not just for tourists. This area has constant activity of people coming out of the Riverwalk especially during the weekends. You have street level restaurants and you also have hotels all around. Why not turn this into something other than a boring parking lot??? PS. The rate this place will only allow me to choose the one I checkmarked and I think this is a Great Place Attribute.


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