Submitted by: Anonymous 2:09pm Apr 12 2012

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Avenue A. & 13th St. to Avenue A. & Newell Avenue

My idea to improve this place

It would be great reopen Avenue A where it dead ends at 13th St near the new 1221 Apts with a shared peds/bike only path or tunnel to connect that area with the Pearl district.

So that people could... 

Easily access these growing areas (1221 Apt/ SAMA area with Pearl districts). This portion of Avenue A could still dead end to cars but have a peds/bike friendly trail or tunnel that helps avoid using the underpass sidewalks on the street level up broadway which is unsightly and high traffic. Plus it can be a connector for the separated bike path that runs parallel to broadway (up to Breckenridge Park) but ends badly at the intersection of broadway and Newell. This is not a bike friendly intersection. Plus both Pearl and 1221 Apts. have B-cycle bike sharing stations that would assist in connecting the bike traffic. The unused area around the underpass could have art or be developed as park land/ commercial space to bring more traffic between the two as well.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Accessible to alternative forms of transportation like walking and biking. And to create dense neighborhoods with sustainable streets.



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