Submitted by: Marilyn Taylor in Whispering Oaks11:44pm Aug 15 2011

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the greenways along the railways and streambeds crossing dezavala wurzbach, dreamland, 410 and going downtown hooking up to the "Reach"

My idea to improve this place

Bikepaths up thru the city along the Rail lines & creekbeds (beautiful areas) out to the 1604 quarry area. They are flood zones, so it would have to be maybe Bermuda 419 drought tolerant no-mow grass.

So that people could... 

Bike down to the city near the waterways, without having to get nearly run down...or snarl traffic. This is a beautiful area, with lovely cliffs and wildflowers.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A place people can come to on a bike


Lissa Martinez (Aug 18 2011)
riparian areas need native plants, and SARA is teaching us all how to restore our creekways. Seriously Bermuda grass would be a terrible choice, teams are already trying to remove it from creekways. But the city and Parks now own lots more creek properties, so it's time to begin revegetations,e tc. The idea of bikes, etc is great, if we can find a good path material that survives the floods and welcomes both wheels and feet.
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