Submitted by: Beverly Ingle in Terrell Heights7:28pm Aug 13 2011

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All of Downtown San Antonio, Southtown, Museum Reach - North

My idea to improve this place

Create a pop-up Innovation Lab, led by an experienced design strategist, in existing spaces for 1-day sessions to give the community the tools they need to make their ideas into reality.

So that people could... 

learn about and begin to use proven design-thinking methodologies and tactics to bring their ideas to life so that it can be sustainable, measurable and easy to replicate.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

the epitome of sustainable, positive collaboration and change.



Carol Palmatier (Aug 15 2011)
Three things I love about this idea: 1. short and sweet -- one day workshops are the right size 2. pop-up -- so cool; think flash mob for innovation. 3. dreams become real -- so many of us have dreams for improving our communities. Who really has the tools? This will offer concrete next steps. Great idea, Bev!
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CrystalBright (Sep 12 2011)
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