Submitted by: Janet Grojean in Terrell Hills Heights3:41pm Aug 12 2011

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Corner of Commerce and Alamo

My idea to improve this place

is to re-route some/most of the automobile traffic to make it more accessible to bikes and pedestrian friendly.

So that people could... 

more easily access those key downtown features. The intersection is the hub to The Alamo, Riverwalk, Convention Center, La Villita and so much more but isn't friendly to traverse or welcoming at all! It even has a sculpture that you have no vantage point to appreciate because it's just stuck in the middle of traffic.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

more accessible, walkable, bikeable, and inviting.


Augie (Aug 13 2011)
I like the intent of the idea, but I have no idea how you'd reroute traffic through this section. If you look at a map, in the .75 miles from the river to Hwy 37, there are only four through street north south and cutting Alamo off would only add to traffic pressure along streets like Presa (narrow) and Navarro. Likewise from Nueva to Travis (.5 miles) there are only three east/west streets available. Moving traffic off of Commerce and on to Houston solves nothing. Perhaps Market Street could be made two-way? I am not criticizing this great idea, but I'm wondering if you have ideas on how to make it happen practically?
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