Submitted by: Anonymous in King William6:16pm Aug 11 2011

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Southtown, all of downtown

My idea to improve this place

1. A higher percentage of our city budget for arts funding.2. Full service grocery store that offers organic produce and whole, healthy food. A Central Mkt, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's ...

So that people could... 

1. become more exposed to and educated on the value of the arts in our community

2. make healthier food choices, and improve the overall health and nutrition of the people in our community. This has a ripple effect on our health care costs, and a long-term effect on our economy. A healthy population is a stronger population.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A progressive, culturally rich, healthy center that attracts people for reasons other than the riverwalk--we have a thriving arts scene, which can be stronger with a higher percentage of the city budget earmarked for the arts. Our arts funding compared to other big cities is very small.


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