Submitted by: Shari Biediger in Stone Oak3:27pm Aug 9 2011

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All downtown schools.

My idea to improve this place

Develop more partnerships between both public and private schools and corporations, government agenices and the cultural arts.

So that people could... 

Improve education in our city.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

The hub of a model for how cities, business and educators can work together to improve schools and opportunities for students; and a daily destination for San Antonians of all ages.


anon (Aug 11 2011)
As an educator in SA, I think public education, whether K-12 or higher ed, suffers from corporate support in the long run. Corporations have one goal: profits. Educational goals are to give people skills of communication, critical thinking, and the freedom of thought to come up with ideas that move our community forward. Business plays a role in our society, but our educational institutions in SA should not be beholden to corporate interests in any way.—_what%27s_next/?page=1
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