Submitted by: Axioma 11:15am Aug 4 2011

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My idea to improve this place

Community Urban Farming Center:

So that people could... 

-learn to grow their own food in an urban setting.
-move beyond the cycle of continual need for emergency food assistance, productive and innovative citizens.
-create an abundance of food for people in need , supporting and encouraging the establishment of gardens on unused land and space while increasing diversity, raising awareness for health and wellness, inspiring and educating youth, adults and seniors to create an economically sustainable system to uplift community

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Sustainable, Eco-responsible, and Green



Benay Ellison (Feb 12 2013)
Hi, I'm an Australian graphic designer and this photo of the community garden would be perfect for a brochure I'm designing for the Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales (Australia). We would like your permission to use the photo. If you agree, I would need a larger version than the one that is available online as that one is not at "print resolution". Can you please get back to me ASAP as I need to complete the job by the end of this week. Many Thanks, Benay Ellison
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